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GDC 2008AI Roundtable Notes & Audio

The audio came out pretty decent for the roundtables. If you wanted to recap anything that was said, you should be able to hear it for the most part. My notes vary in accuracy and decipherability. Sorry... I was typing like a madman.

GDC AI Roundtables
Day 1
Because of the wonderful CMP scheduling department, there was only one room available. There were 110 people wedged into a room - which wouldn't have been bad save for the gaping hole in the center of the tables.
(7.0 MB)
Panorama - Roundtable Day 1

Day 2
(Rabin's only)
This was the only day we split - and it was only because there happened to be an empty room across the hall. This is from Steve Rabin's session which focused on RTS and RPG games. Neil Kirby's session was on FPS and racing, I believe.
(7.5 MB)
Panorama - Roundtable Day 2

Day 3
On the 3rd day, the roundtable was scheduled opposite Christian Gyrling's lecture on the AI and animation behind "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune". (Great work CMP! No conflict there!) It was also supposed to be the beginner's session - although it didn't really turn out that way.
(7.2 MB)
Panorama - Roundtable Day 3

Bioshock(Notes are in Word 2003 format, Audio is mp3.)

On the Sunday after GDC, I also sat down with John Abercrombie (2K Boston) - AI Lead on Bioshock. We talked shop about his work on the title, some of the challenges and some of the things he thought were interesting (or simply amusing). You can hear the 55 minute interview here.


If you are feeling visual, here are my pictures from the week. Specifically, here's the 2008 AI Programmers Dinner and the AI Roundtables.


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