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GDC 2009 AI Summit

AI SummitCoverage of 2009 GDC AI Summit will be placed here soon. Until the AI Game Programmers Guild gets a web home (soon), this is where you will find the presentation files.

After recovering from having to rebuild my laptop, I'm finally getting to processing all my pictures, video, and audio. Check back in a few more days or make sure to subscribe to the IA on AI feed to find out as things are added.

Shameless Plugs

Remember, Intrinsic Algorithm does AI design and programming on a consulting basis. If you either need an AI programming staff or if your existing staff needs a hired gun to help with certain aspects of your design and programming make sure you contact us. Our services range from the high-level conceptual design down to the specific algorithms, programming and parameter tweaking and tuning.

Also, as of GDC, my book, "Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI" is out. If you didn't pick it up at the conference, you can grab it from Amazon or the retailer of your choice.

Put some Intrinsic Algorithms in your game!

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