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We are currenly not hiring at this time. However, if you are an experienced AI developer and would like to be considered for possible contract work that Intrinsic Algorithm provides, please let us know.

Feel free to contact us by sending your resume to jobs@IntrinsicAlgorithm.com and we will be happy to review it.

General Information on IA Jobs

Note: All of the information below reflects our vision of Intrinsic Algorithm LLC and is subject to change. This should be taken only as representative of the vision of the management of Intrinsic Algorithm and not as a contractual offer to potential employees. If you would like to know more about the policies listed here or other potential benefits, please list your questions with your cover letter or contact us directly to ask.


Payment: All employees will be paid at the going rate for their experience level.  All production staff, except interns, will be salaried. The draw of IA will be the cost of living in Omaha compared to traditional game development areas such as the coasts. At the same rates of pay, economic standards of living for the employees that are located in those areas should increase by 50-100%.

Insurance: All full-time employees will be offered medical coverage with at least a portion of the premiums being paid by IA.  We would like for the insurance to include medical, dental and mental health coverage.  This will, of course, be subject to what packages are available at the time.

Retirement: IRA programs will be available with partial matching by IA.

Paid time off: Each salaried employee will have 15 days paid vacation to be taken at employee’s discretion (i.e. sick, personal, vacation). 

Conferences: Attendance at the GDC will be mandatory for all salaried production staff. Cost of conference, travel, and hotel will be paid for by IA. Any production that is in process during the week of GDC will be suspended. This will not necessitate usage of paid time off.

Other relevant technical conferences (e.g. SIGGRAPH, AIIDE) will be attended on an as-appropriate basis. IA will cover associated costs.

Ownership: Lead staff (programmer and artist) will be offered partial ownership of IA per each shipped project. Details of this process will need to be researched and drawn up.

Work Hours

Flex Time Scheduling:  IA understands that the 8-5 schedule doesn’t fit everyone. There are kids to be picked up after school, parties to attend, late night TV shows to watch, etc. To accommodate differing sleep/work schedules and family needs, IA will have a flex time scheduling pattern in place. The 40-hour week, while not rigidly enforced, will be expected to be followed. Office hours will be established based on the predominant preferences of the staff to provide for people being able to work at any reasonable time  that is convenient to them. Core work hours will be between 10 and 3. All employees will be expected to be in the office during those times to facilitate communication, meetings, etc.

Overtime: Since we do not want to encourage burnout-inducing behavior, we will not pay extra compensation (e.g. time and a half) for overtime. Any hours over 40 worked can be balanced with time off in the same month. This allows those who need to work more hours during a particular period to make up the time by taking it off when possible. Alternately, if someone needs time off but doesn't want to or is unable to use paid time off, that time can be made up in the rest of the month. A calendar month won’t necessarily be used, but the employee will be expected to stay “in balance” throughout the course of a rolling month.


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