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We are currently in the process of securing new funding for Intrinsic Algorithm from venture capitalists and publishers. As part of the process, we are looking for letters of intent from individuals for team lead positions. This letter of intent would state that you have agreed to take employment in the position pending the acquisition of funding. Likewise, this position is offered contingent on securing the funding necessary.

The purpose of this letter of intent is to show potential investors a portfolio of proven quality developers that are prepared to be a part of the develpment studio so as, in turn, to make the studio more attractive to quality investment.

While we cannot guarantee or predict a time frame for the funding process, we hope to minimize the amount of time between securing the letters of intent and the acquisition of funding. If being an important catalyst of a new team is intruiging to you, we hope that you will understand the necessity and importance of this process.

Thank you.

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