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Tired of the airlines leaving you stranded?
Tired of missed connections, cramped seats, and long layovers?
Tired of having to jump through hoops to jump across the country?
Think YOU could do it better?
Well, here's your chance!

2002-2009 Dave Mark and Intrinsic Algorithm L.L.C.

Airline Traffic Manager

"Airline Traffic Manager" will be Intrinsic Algorithm's debut software title. It is on pace to be the most detailed, realisticly modelled airline management simulation available.

The concept of the game is based on a number of real world positions at airlines including that of the "Traffic Manager".  The ATM is responsible for creating the routes and schedules as well as matching the aircraft sizes and types to the expected passenger load in any given market that the airline plans to serve.  Since these routes, schedules and passenger demands are constantly changing, this task is an ongoing balancing act.  

Whereas the ATM has more of a long-term strategic view of where the airline is going and how it plans on accomplishing its goals, other positions have to deal with any day-to-day contingencies that may come up... such as delays due to weather, maintenance, traffic.  It is the job of the dispatcher to manage the equipment to make sure the service is uninterrupted when things don't go as planned.

With "Airline Traffic Manager", you will be able to put yourself in these roles.  You will take charge of your own airline - either building your own from the ground up (so to speak) or taking over an existing one.  Either way, you will be in charge of managing the routes that your airline flies, the schedules that if flies them, the types and cabin configurations of the aircraft you are using, the fares you charge... and even what other airlines you partner with!

With its many realistically detailed features it will be an immersive adventure that puts you inside one of the largest and most complex industries in America.

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